The Butterfly Nook

Kamehameha butterfly

Kamehameha butterfly. (Photo by the Pulelehua Project:

Welcome to the butterfly nook! Here we'll keep you updated on the progress of our butterfly garden as well as regular features on the different species we have flying around the garden!

Welcoming Monarch Butterflies to the Garden at Pulelehua

With the introduction of crown flowers to the garden we are aiming to attract monarchs to the garden and hopefully grow our butterfly garden. Planting a collection of the right host plants will be the key to a successful butterfly nook!

Kamehameha butterfly

Butterfly Dreams for Pulelehua

Find out more about the Friends' plan to create a Butterfly Garden around Amy's house and to help the Kamehameha Butterly, one of Hawai'i's endemic species, to thrive again.

What Are You Going to Be When You Grow Up, Little Caterpillar?

In Amy Greenwell's backyard we now have a growing community of Monarch butterfly caterpillars!