2020 annual meeting & election

Welcome to the 2020 annual meeting and election page. On this page, you will find everything to know about this important event.


  • To vote, please check your email inbox. A link has been sent to current members to vote. You can vote until Friday, Nov. 6th, 11.59pm. Thank you for voting!
  • To participate in the meeting, please check your email as well. A mail with the meeting credentials has been sent to current members.


Annual Meeting


Saturday, November 7th, 2020, 1.00pm




   Friends of Amy B.H. Greenwell Ethnobotanical Garden




Slate for Board of Directors, 2020-21






Election of Nominated New Directors (3-year terms)



Louis Putzel, Ph.D. (2023)


Marcia L. Timboy (2023)


Kanani Wall (2023)




Re-election of Current Director (3-year term)



Pat Todd (2020)   





No re-election due:  Current, Continuing Directors



Bernice Akamine (2021)                               Marie Morin (2022)


M.E. “Meg” Greenwell (2021)                     Ashley Kaiao Obrey (2021)


Shirley A.P. (Cho) Kauhaihao (2022)           Alan Rolph (2021)


Noa Kekuewa Lincoln (2022)                       Rose Schilt (2021)  


Kealoha Kealohapau’ole Manakū (2022)      Nathan Smith (2022)


Maile Melrose (2022)




Resigning Directors



Greg Garriss (2020), Tommy Hickox (2020), and Jim Todd (2020)








Current Officers of the Board of Directors




Maile Melrose, President (2022)


Noa Kekuewa Lincoln, Vice President (2022)


Shirley A.P. (Cho) Kauhaihao, Vice President (2022)


Marie Morin, Secretary (2022)


Pat Todd, Treasurer (2023)




Note:  Year shows end of an elected term, in Fall of that year. No term limits.