What Are You Going to Be When You Grow Up, Little Caterpillar?

Caterpillar Big Island Hawaii AGG

Here is a hungry Monarch caterpillar taking a big bite from a juicy crown flower leaf. What do you think of his cool black "feelers?"

Caterpillar Amy Greenwell Garden Hawaii

Can you see he has “feelers” at both ends of his body? His bright stripes are a warning to birds – don’t eat me! I am poisonous!

Monarch caterpillar Amy Greenwell Garden

This caterpillar cannot decide where to begin eating. Caterpillars are just like us – there are boy and girl caterpillars.

Monarch caterpillar Amy Greenwell Garden

Can you see how fuzzy the bottom of this leaf is? This caterpillar has had a good time chewing a window to look through.

Monarch caterpillar Amy Greenwell Garden

Yes, that is caterpillar poop! Can you see the caterpillar’s little black and white feet? He needs them to hang on to his leaf.

Monarch caterpillar Amy Greenwell Garden

This Monarch Butterfly is laying her eggs on this crown flower leaf. She knows this is the right plant to feed her babies. When her eggs hatch open, out will come little striped caterpillars. And some day they will turn into beautiful Monarch butterflies!



Words and photos by Maile Melrose

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