New Signs for the Restrooms

Amanda and Chris Freed Sunday Pure Kona Green Market Amy Greenwell Garden Hawaii
Amanda & Chris Freed

Long time vendors at the Sunday Pure Kona Green Market (held in our visitor center parking lot), Chris and Amanda Freed. They sell beautiful items they design and craft from local woods. When they noticed how faded our wooden restroom signs looked, they voluntarily made us new ones, much prettier than the originals. What a great gift to start the New Year off on the right foot. Mahalo, Chris and Amanda! Find out more about Freedform.


Pure Kona Green Market Amy Greenwell Garden visitor center carpark Hawaii
Pure Kona Green Market, January 2020

This was the happy scene at the Garden on a Sunday morning back in January. Sunshine, tents galore, musicians playing without masks, and eager visitors dropping in and out for a visit to our Garden. Mahalo to all our visitors and thanks so much for your support. The Market reopened on June 14, but it surely does not look like this colorful sea of tent tops anymore. Life has changed everywhere.



Words and photos by Maile Melrose

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